Top 5 Unique Hotels in the United States

I have this theory that when it comes to holidays you can divide the world up into three groups. Group number one are those people who go on holiday for the holiday itself. The accommodation they choose is neither here nor there. Often this group will go camping or stay with friends; the lodging is unimportant to them.

Group number two are those people who are similar to those in group one put demand a certain level of comfort from their hotel. Indeed, this group may look for hotels where fine dining and a high level of comfort are the order of the day.

Group number three are those people who don’t go on vacation for the holiday; they go on vacation to stay in a fun and unique hotel. What follows are five hotels that comfortably fall into the category of being unique.

Wigwam Village, Holbrook, Arizona
If you’ve ever been camping and wished that there were just a few more home comforts associated with it –and that you didn’t have to put up only to have to take down your tent – Wigwam village may be just for you. It has a historic location just off Route 66. Even though it’s part of a chain of Wigwam motels located in west and southwest America dating back to 1950, this hotel is certainly unique. There are fifteen wigwams available and each has all the comforts that you would associate with a typical hoetl room.

The Fulton Steamboat Inn
The Fulton Steamboat Inn is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. What is so special about it? Well, it is a steamboat. That’s right, a steamboat right in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Robert Fulton was a key figure in steamboat development and he was born just a short distance from where the steamboat – sorry hotel – is located. As well as the attraction of being a steamboat, the hotel has a great deal more to offer. It has a heated indoor pool with a whirlpool; a walking trail where you can feed ducks and koi; a fitness room, games room, children’s playground and the Huckleberry restaurant and tavern. The entire hotel has a nautical theme to make you feel like you are right in the middle of a steamboat!

Dog Bark Park Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho
You don’t have to be a dog lover to stay at the Dog Bark Park Inn but it probably will do you no harm. The hotel is shaped like a dog; a very big dog; a dog that is nine metres high. You will be forgiven if you think it looks a little like a Trojan “horse” in the shape of a beagle. There are a good many dog themed ornaments inside. The amount of accommodation is limited: just one single room and one twin bedded room.

Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast, Farmington, New Mexico
If staying in a nine metres high dog seems weird, how about staying at a bed and breakfast in a cave? Come to think of it, there’s something quite exciting about staying in a cave; it’s not weird at all, really. Staying at (in?) Kokopelli’s cave is not exactly an experience that deprives you of any luxury. The cave takes you twenty-one metres below the ground. The cliff in which the cave is dug might be 65 million years old but you still get electricity.

The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California
After you’ve stayed on a steamboat you might want to consider staying on an ocean going liner – at least a former ocean going liner. Winston Churchill travelled on it in the 1930s as it was crossing the Atlantic. So if you think of art nouveau and Agatha Christie you won’t be far away. Several ghosts including a dancing lady, as well as a teddy bear holding little girl reputedly haunt the Queen Mary.

If you fall in to my third group of holiday travellers – or even if you don’t – the five hotels described above are well worth your while visiting.


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