Top 5 Unique Things to Do in Boston, Massachusetts

The “Cradle of Liberty” is a city where history and culture abound on every corner. There is so much to do and see in Boston, from activities and attractions to museums, theaters and historical points of interest. Whether you’re in town for a weekend getaway or a weeklong vacation, get ready for an unforgettable experience. Read on for the top five unique things to do in Boston. 

Travel more than 235 years back in time at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

The new Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This highly acclaimed floating museum is located on a barge at the end of the Congress Street Bridge in Boston. Step inside and begin a journey that takes you directly into the middle of the action of the most important event that led to the American Revolution. You’ll be thrust into the drama as you meet Sam Adams and the rest of the Sons of Liberty in the Old South Meeting House. Assume the role you’re given and begin your adventure as you participate in the events of the Boston Tea Party. Along the way, holographic technology, advanced interactive exhibits and a multi-sensory documentary will amaze you. See one of only two original Tea Chests still in existence. Witness a conversation between two colonists on a Boston sidewalk in 1773—are they real? The technology is so advanced you may not know for sure. Walk onboard authentically restored tea ships and stand alongside the colonists as you throw tea overboard, just as they did more than 235 years ago. Before you go, stop into Abigail’s Tea Room for a spot of delicious tea and a scone. 

Take a tour through history aboard the Old Town Trolley 

For the most comprehensive look at Boston’s top historic sights and attractions, grab a seat on the orange and green trolley. This unique tour takes you to more than 100 points of interest, including Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere House, Copp’s Burying Ground, the Old North Church, the Bunker Hill Monument and more. You have the option to get on and off and stay as long as you want at any of the sites. They have trolleys coming along all day so you can take your time and even enjoy a meal at one of the many notable Boston restaurants. The tour is not only packed with fascinating facts and history, but it’s also entertaining and amusing. The conductors share their knowledge about the city and their sense of humor as they narrate the tours. It’s a great experience for adults and children.

Come face-to-face with a batfish at the New England Aquarium

The batfish is just one of the many intriguing marine species you’ll see at the New England Aquarium. Perhaps one of the most exciting exhibits is the Giant Ocean Tank, a 200,000-gallon tank that simulates a Caribbean coral reef. The spiral walkway that surrounds the tank gives you an amazing view to all 52 of the windows—so you can see the sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, barracuda and other animals from every angle on every level. Other highlights include the Penguin exhibit, the Thinking Gallery, which is home to Goliath Grouper, ancient fish and sea dragons, the Amazing Jellies exhibit and the Tropical Gallery, which features the venomous lionfish and scorpion fish among others. There’s also an IMAX Theater, harbor seals, live animal feedings and various fascinating activities and events. 

Have a paranormal encounter aboard Ghosts & Gravestones of Boston

With its centuries of fascinating history, it’s not surprising that Boston also has its share of mysterious occurrences, infamous scandals and intriguing events. Many tales of the city’s past include underground tunnels, unmarked graves, public executions, grave robberies and sinister people. For those who believe in the paranormal, a ride on the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour is the best way to discover the truth about the hauntings throughout the city. The tour takes place aboard the Trolley of the Doomed and journeys to several of Boston’s most haunted sites. The Ghosts and Gravestones guides will share the torrid past of Boston like you’ve never heard before, revealing the truth about the Boston Strangler, the tortures, executions and those who were buried alive. You’ll walk amongst the dead in two of the city’s most haunted, ancient cemeteries. See the graves of Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere and other famous Americans. But keep a watchful eye for the spirit of one or more of these dearly departed souls since many guests have reported sightings of apparitions. The tour will also take you to the Omni Parker House, considered to be Boston’s most haunted hotel. It dates back to the mid 1800’s and was where Charles Dickens lived for two years, among other famous guests. Watch out for weird orbs of light, spooky sounds that seem to come from nowhere and the ghost of Harvey Parker himself, the hotel’s owner whose ghost has been seen roaming the halls and walking through walls. 

Walk the decks of “Old Ironsides” at the USS Constitution Museum

She’s the oldest commissioned US Navy Ship and still sails every July 4th in the Boston Harbor. The USS Constitution was first launched in 1797. Permanently residing in the Charlestown Navy Yard, the historic ship is visited by thousands of people each year. The crew of Old Ironsides will take you on an interesting tour, sharing some of the fascinating facts about her past—including how the ship earned that nickname. The museum also features various interactive galleries and educational and historic exhibits including All Hands on Deck: A Sailor’s Life in 1812, Old Ironsides in War and Peace and more. Find out the ship’s significant role in the War of 1812, and how and why she was built.  Old Ironsides became a national symbol and is considered to be an important Boston landmark—something visitors to the city shouldn’t miss. 

About the Author: Wendy Meyerson Vogeley is an award-winning copywriter, travel writer and blogger who travels extensively throughout the Caribbean and the United States. She’s a contributor to several travel blogs and websites offering tips and reviews on sightseeing and unique things to do and see in various destinations around the world.


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