Top 7Hidden Island ForAn Ultimate Couple In Australia

Honeymoon is among the most remembered and memorable moment of life. The best way to celebrate your honeymoon is by enjoying it at the best and unique place on the earth surface. Imagine, celebrating it in an island which is shaped like love symbol, or, celebrating it where penguins stares at you. Surely, it sounds good, but, it is awesome in reality. Have you ever thought about Australia as your preferred destination for honeymoon? It doesn’t matter about your answer, but the truth is that there are amazingly romantic islands found in that continent, best for newly married couples. Please go through the list below to find out about their unique nature and reason why the location is suitable for you

Hamilton Island

Just from the shape of this island, it shows how romantic and caring you are going to be to your partner. There are so much that you will engage yourself in; whether beach relaxation or swimming, it is amazing. The hotels here are superb and offer great deal that will ensure your honeymoon to be amazing and memorable.

Green Island

This is the greenest island found in the tropics. It is among the Great Barrier Reef island and amazingly beautiful. It is surrounded with beautiful blue water and white sandy beaches all round. Simply there is no unique place like this on entire earth. This island has more than 50 unique species of plants and animals that will always surprise you. And if you still doubt its suitability for your honeymoon, look at the hotels found there and their package; surely they offer the best prices yet highly fashionable for honeymoon.

Magnetic Island

Located 8 kilometers from Towns-ville in Queensland, this island is amazing. The amazing beaches found in this island will ensure you have plenty of good times together during your honeymoon. And if you are worried about accommodation, you need to change your thoughts now, since you won’t believe the kind of hotels found here. This island is mostly preferred for newly married couples since it will ensure you get utmost benefit from your honeymoon tour.

Philip Island

Located about 140km from southeast Melbourne, this is a place for all couples who need exactly love that last. The beaches found in this island is amazing and best for all type of enjoyment; whether swimming or just relaxing while sharing loving moments. You will love little penguins found here, they will ensure your memories are full of best moments.

Rottnest Island

Located 18km from the western coast of Australia, this is where honeymoon becomes more than enjoyable. You will love the kind of unique and diverse species of plant and animals found in this place. All adventurous activities found here will ensure you live life remembering your honeymoon. Accommodation in this island is up to the mark and best surely you will love it.

Bedarra Island

This is privately owned island and well preserved. The kind of experience you will get visiting it is unforgettable. It is highly luxurious and attractive; you will love the kind of services offered here. Accommodation is great and will leave you surprised. There is great number of activities that you will enjoy being part of while visiting this island for honey moon.

Lady Elliot Island

Located north east of Bundaberg, this is a special highland and it will ensure your honeymoon remain special forever. You will love beaches found here with their amazing extended length. Both of you will love swimming in this island plus participating in other adventurous sporting activities during your honeymoon. Hotels are specifically designed to meet all your honeymoon needs and you will love their services

These islands are no doubt the best place to visit for your honeymoon period. But for you to visit them easier without any difficulties please apply for your Australian ETA visas today.

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