Top Sensational Sites for Adventure and Action Photography

If you’re seeking for adventure along with the passion of capturing those action filled moments then put life in your images by visiting top adventurous and thrilling sites in the world. These adventurous spots would give you the opportunity to capture incredible outdoor action adventures like hiking, skiing, rock-climbing, surfing, ice climbing and the like. So take your camera along and get ready to experience the thrill of climbing gigantic mountains, soaking in the sun, and capturing amazing scenic beauty. For your ease and comfort the list of top adventurous sites for photography are given below.

The Pyrenees, France: This gigantic mountain range divides France and Spain and it is stretched over hundreds of miles. If you want more fun and adventure along with photography then get a bike ride and capture the actions of bikers who come here for bike tour and ride from the shores of Atlantic Ocean to Mediterranean Sea, via the passes of the Pyrenees. Trace the history of tour de France and also capture the serene beauty of French countryside and beaches to display your diversity as a photographer.

Akureyi, Iceland: Photograph the extremities of Iceland from aggressive volcanic center to the surrounding freezing glaciers. This extreme adventurous spot offers you to capture the exciting action of climbers, sailors and trekkers doing excellent ice climbing, sailing, dog sleighing and mountain climbing. Take the photos of ice climbers while climbing the glaciers of Vatnajokull,, Langjokull, Hofsjokull with numerous tiny ones as well.

Spitsbergen, Norway: Enjoy the thrill of capturing the images of treacherous mountains and magnificent glaciers that lies within the Arctic Circle. Capture the images of ice climbers who come here for hard core adventure, moreover feel the excitement of taking the pictures of polar bears while searching for their food, or photograph the playful activities of group of seals and walrus.

Gold Coast, Australia: Australian seashores are well-known for their waves and tides, so get ready to photograph the surfers who visit Gold Coast for action filled surfing adventures. Gold Coast City is situated in the south east corner of Queensland and is renowned for its sunny sub-tropical climate and it gives you the opportunity to take the images of popular surf beaches and the canal system. Besides 70 km of beaches and four epic points breaks (The spit, main beach, narrow-neck Palm Beach and mermaid beach) that made people call it, “The Surfers Paradise”.

Photograph and treasure your adventurous journey to the world’s most adventurous places. Don’t forget to seize the action filled memorable moments along with the excellent scenic beauty through your camera and then transform those  to preserve  those action packed moments. Place all your amazing expedition images in your private gallery or gift it to your loved ones to make them a part of your adventures.

Author Bio: –Sobia Younus Raja discusses Top adventurous sites for action and adventure photography. Furthermore the importance of capturing unforgettable adventurous moments and then transmuting them into photos on canvas uk prints.

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