Top Tips for Segway Tour in India

Segway tour is one of the most unique kinds of tours that contemporary tourists love to enjoy. There are number of people that love to learn how to use the Segway first. The Segway PT is a self balancing and personal transportation device that is designed to go anywhere. Imagine yourself sliding smoothly through the gorgeous parks, several majestic palaces, shopping malls, historical monuments, tranquil beaches and several other local landmarks. Once you experience the fun of these tours, you would wish to go for a longer Segway tour. The tour combines information with the colors, culture and heritage of a beautiful place.

In India, Delhi is offering the first Segway tour of the country. You must have seen Delhi so many times but the kind of experience that you are going to get will never been witnessed earlier. During a pleasant monsoon in Delhi, tourists and denizens go for discovering some of the best gems of the city while enjoying country’s first Segway tour introduced at Rajpath. To enjoy this tour, book domestic flights and explore some of the greatest moments of life. The tour offers the travelers a unique way to explore the city, which is more handy and relaxing than walking without facing traffic issues of conventional vehicles.

Currently in Delhi, India, Segway tour is a 45-minutes tour that starts from South Block and ends at India Gate stopping at each major tourist attraction of the city that comes in between. At South Block before starting the tour, tourists are provided a 5-minute introduction of the vehicles. Classified as equal to a ‘high-end’ bicycle, this device can be used by anyone of age 12 years. There is a 100 kg weight limit of this vehicle.

Segway tours are very popular all across the world. These tours are conducted in almost every city of the United States and Europe. In India, Delhi is being chosen due to the city has of a number of heritage sites and tourist attractions. The tour is available for a group of 6 passengers at a time. For maintaining safety and convenience on the vehicles when enjoying the tours in India, you should follow some tips.

  • Driving sense in India may be a risky thing for Segway tours. The risk injury from being out of control, facing collisions, and falling may be high in Segway tours in India. Learn the best way of riding the devices to avoid such risks.
  • Uncleanness of Roads or wearing anything loose can let you meeting with an accident. You can simply slip if any small object comes on your way.
  • Don’t walk up and down on a slope. You may have more risk to lose grip and fall. To be safe, don’t ride up or down steep slopes.

Are you keen to enjoy this memorable tour in India? If yes, don’t make any delay. A memorable time is waiting at your door to shower you with beautiful experiences of life. Book cheap domestic air tickets for Delhi and take the pleasure of this unique tour.

Author Bio: This guest post is written by Amrita Barnwal, a travel blogger with (an online travel portal of India). Amrita is keen at writing about travel and tourism and to exchange her information on tourism, she maintains a travel blog

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