Top Travel Destinations For The Avid Photographer

Every avid photographer has a legendary list of places they’ve always wanted a chance to capture in their lens. Beauty exists all over the world, but which places are on the top of most photographer’s bucket list?  We found many fine gems in our search for genuine eye candy. Don’t let the professionals hoard away all of the fun. Open your eyes to the possibilities and seize the moment to travel from setting to setting. Here are a few of the finest photography and travel opportunities you can find.

New Zealand

The National Parks in New Zealand leave nothing to be desired. The beauty of the South Alps will chill your breath and warm your soul. The wildlife, green rolling hills, and jagged frozen peaks leave a photographer full of visual opportunities. The islands also host a thriving seal population if you’re niche is live nature shots. Mother Nature will not let you down, so try your creative fingers on this boundless landscape. You will not be disappointed.


Italy, the whole country is its own section of a photographer’s dreamscape. The country hosts a plethora of amazing tourism destinations. Venice will fill your heart with romance and mystique. Tuscany offers exquisite dining opportunities and gorgeous rolling hills blanketed in sunflowers. Also, the thirteenth century architecture of the Abbey in Tuscany offers a shot of history and the culture at the heart of Italy.

The last unforgettable destination in Italy is Matera. The rich culture and ancient architecture has survived many earthquakes and storms over time and survived beautifully. The city has also been used as the setting for Jerusalem in the motion picture Passion of the Christ.


The United States offers such a wide range of landscapes to photograph. Professionals have been capturing light angles and vibrant vitality of the countryside for centuries. There’s an amazing place called Marble Canyon that absolutely merits visiting. The Wave is sought after frequently, but only permits twenty people per day to enter the area. The rock formation was cut and formed from water and sand particles running and eroding its floor for centuries. The result is breathtaking.


Located at the bottom of our spinning globe is the obscure and mesmerizing land of Antarctica. The general lack of knowledge concerning this continent’s landscape could leave a novice traveller ill prepared for its beauty. Outbursts of towering mountain ranges paint the horizon on a blue and turquoise foreground of giant glacier ice formations. No where else in the world will you see such vast colonies of penguins who are known for their indifferent attitude towards humans. A priceless opportunity for the travelling photographer and his/her trusty lens!

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