Top Winter Destinations for sunshine

With all of the weather in the UK getting worse and worse with potential flooding, snow and high winds,  who can blame you for wanting to get away from the UK during the wintery and cold times. Escape the British weather and get arrange your sun holiday.

There are many great places which are very popular for getting away during the winter months. Below are a range of holiday options to consider from a quick getaway to a European location or even for a longer getaway to a location in Asia, Africa or even the Americas.

No matter where you choose to go you can always be sure that you can get to a warm and sunny destination, even in the wintry months. Some of the more popular locations can be found below:

Short Trips

Portugal – A very favoured location for winter sun travel goers. Some of the more popular locations include Faro, Albufeira and Lagos. It is generally a popular choice for many travellers from around the world but mainly for people in the UK. It takes roughly 3 hours on the flight so you can be sure to get there within good time so you can relax and enjoy your winter sun holiday in Portugal.

Canary Islands – The Canary Islands are a highly popular location all throughout the year. It is an extremely favourable location to travel to both in summer and also in the winter time as it stays warm during winter and isn’t too far away to travel to. The Canary Islands consist of a few majorly prevalent resorts including Lanzarote, Tenerife and Fuerteventura amongst many others. It generally takes around 4 and half hours.

Cyprus –  Cyprus is one of the most predominant  locations which is visited by citizens of the UK. With a large range of resorts to visit including Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca and Ayia Napa. All of these locations are very popular for frequent travellers who just need a few days or a couple of weeks respite from the dreary locations in the UK. Generally from the UK there is a 3 hours flight.

Longer Trips

Florida  – Florida is one of the prime settings which is favoured for those who are wanting to take a longer journey. Florida is one of the favoured locations as it lies on the Eastern coast of the United States and lies approximately 10 hours flight across the Atlantic Ocean. There are many approved sites across the state of Florida which are the most frequently visited. These include Miami, Orlando, Daytona Beach and Tampa.

Mexico – Mexico is a popular location for those wanting to travel that little bit further. It lies just South of the United States of America and just North of Latin or South America. Some of the most favoured locations include Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Acapulco and Ixtapa. All of these coastal resorts offer virtual all year round sunshine. It takes generally around 11 hours on a flight from the UK to reach many of the resorts in Mexico.

United Arab Emirates – Around 7 hours flight time from the UK, The United Arab Emirates or UAE for short is located in the area of Asia and is situated just east of Saudi Arabia, and north of Oman. It lies just on the coast line of the Persian Gulf and is home to many fantastic locations to visit including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Located in the heartland of the desert, you can always be certain that temperatures in this area are always very high however the modern buildings are all filled with air conditioning and are beautiful to see.

Dubai has many rich and famous people living there and is home to the world famous Burj al Arab – the worlds only 7 star hotel! Dubai isn’t just for the rich as it has numerous hotels to cater for different price ranges.

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