Toronto Has the Best Live Music Scene Around

Picture this: You land at Toronto’s beautiful island airport. Your original plan was to give a lecture at a business conference the next day, but aside from that you don’t have any plans except to discover the city. You’ve heard a lot of positive things – you know that it’s the biggest city in Canada, and a cosmopolitan capital on par with New York or London in its own right. You know that it’s culturally diverse, and you know that the restaurants are well-recommended. But more than anything, chances are, you’ve heard about the wide range and variety of shows, concerts and amazing venues that Toronto has to offer. You step onto the ferry and wonder where your Torontonian journey will take you.

Stopping at a local café, you open up the latest issue of one of the city’s alternative weekly newspapers and scan the music listings. They go on for pages – there’s a mix of amazing acts you already know and love, plus a whole lot of new groups whose names you’ve never heard, but who sound intriguing. Already, the city is blowing you away with the diversity and range of culture it has to offer. You finally settle on one act, a mix of famous DJs and unknown indie acts, and after taking a few final sips of your latte, you move quickly to catch the streetcar that you’re pretty sure will take you close to one the show.
The show is awesome, and by the time it’s over you realize that you’ve had an absolute blast – but your stomach is empty! In all the excitement you forgot to properly fuel up, and now you’re feeling the effects. This is the moment of truth in your story. Did you book a stay at a chain hotel in advance? If so, you may find yourself out in the middle of the night, trying to scrounge bottom-of-the-barrel food or lukewarm, under-par room service snacks in order to satisfy your hunger. But if you booked your stay at one of Toronto’s amazing boutique hotels – like the Drake Hotel downtown – then the excitement of your night can only get stronger, as you travel back on the Queen streetcar and prepare for a visit to their restaurant. Your meal there is amazing – both comforting and full of new flavours – and you return to your fully furnished, uniquely decorated, cozy and welcoming room, ready to rest up for another day full of amazement and excitement in the great city of Toronto.

The Drake Hotel ( is a premiere destination among premiere destinations – a boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Toronto’s culturally vibrant and artistic downtown Queen West neighbourhood. High-quality boutique hotels are a hallmark of any truly developed urban centre, and Toronto has culture to spare, so you can be sure that places like the Drake Hotel give a true reflection of the city’s character. The hotel includes a restaurant and a café frequented by locals and visitors alike, high-quality rooms all individually decorated to reflect Toronto’s unique contemporary aesthetic, and best of all, several different venues (the Underground and the Lounge) that regularly hosts musical acts, performances and parties, so guests can get a taste of Toronto’s vibrant artistic culture without even having to stray from the hotel. Whether you’re looking for a place to crash at the end of the day after walking around the city or a place that brings the city’s culture right to you, the Drake Hotel can give you the Toronto experience you’re looking for. Now imagine: When you wake up the next morning, you browse the hotel’s schedule, and see that one of your favourite bands is playing tonight at the Underground. You can’t wait to get back from your conference to experience more of the amazing culture this place has to offer; Toronto has won your heart.

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