Track Train Running Status to Travelling Conveniently

Waiting at the station for small information is very tiresome and frustrating. It kills the valuable time in which many important things could have taken place. In the previous times, the railway stations remained crowded not only by the passengers, but also the people who wanted some kind of information about one or the other train. With the development of the technology and system, this problem is, however, solved to a great extent. Now there are no long queues and long journey to the station. Thanks to Indian railways which has adopted new ways and means of technology and applied them in the perfect direction of its customer service. With the changes of technology, passengers also have been tech savvy and taking all the very best outcomes of the facilities provided by Indian railways. The Internet and platform windows, as well as, android have added value to these means of services provided by Indian Railways.

The ease:

These days’ people do not wait on the station if the train is late, they just check the arrival of the respective train on the internet and schedule their tasks likewise. The technology has played a major role in providing ease to the passengers. The now famous train running status helps people get the correct information about the position of the train at the precise time. People can very easily get the current location of the train by just visiting the IRCTC website and track the schedule of the train.


This facility has eliminated the physical pain from work and has made is quite easy for the passengers, so that they don’t have to wait for a long time at the crowded stations. These days before starting the journey people check the current status of the train on the internet and the exact time at which it will reach the desired station. By having this information, they can schedule their time to leave from home. If someone is going to pick someone up from the railway station, this facility again helps here, as they can check the exact arrival of the train, and then, go to the station at time accordingly.

The main advantage of this facility is that the harassment of waiting at the station is eliminated completely. This facility is also beneficial to the people who are travelling in the train at the time and want to know where they have reached.

How it works:

The method of gathering this information is very simple. One has to visit the website of Railways, and then, has to go to the section of the current status. The number of the train has to be entered after which all the information is displayed in on the screen for the convenience of the passengers.

Today many of people are taking advantage of this facility through PCs, mobile phones and other internet enabled devices.

Author: The author of this article is an jatinbatra who has deep knowledge on the subject of social and economical impact of technology. He is also associated with travelkhana.

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