Transport in Barcelona: Tips and Tricks

When it comes to popular destinations in Spain, Barcelona is by far on the top of them. The reasons to visit Barcelona are countless, because it is one of the most complex cities in Europe, full of extraordinary places worth visiting. The main advantage of Barcelona is that offers to its visitors the opportunity to combine great cultural experiences with seaside activities.

Barcelona is located on the coast and due to its climate it’s crowded with tourists during the summer months. Also, Barcelona has one of the most beautiful beaches all along the coast. Whether you choose to go to Barceloneta, Nova Icaria or to the nudist Mar Bella Beach, you will spend for sure a wonderful time. Barceloneta is the most popular and crowded beach, but it offers a large variety of ways of entertainment. You will find there great sunbathing spots, noisy seafood eateries, old fishermen houses, Catalonia History Museum and Ciutadella Park. When you get there, it’s a must to take the Barceloneta Cable Car in order to get the best views of Barceloneta. As a matter of fact, National Geographic ranked Barcelona’s beaches as the best urban beaches and the third best beaches in the world.

Barcelona is full of history and perfect for cultural activities, being one of the oldest cities in Europe. Its architecture is impressive, everywhere in the city can be admire Gaudi’s most known artworks. The Sagrada Familia is for sure the symbol of Barcelona and one of the most visited landmarks, but it is not the only one. Casa Batllo, La Predrera and Park Guell should be on your list. For a journey back time, visit the city’s old centre, Gothic Quarter. The Gothic Quarters’ Roman remains are combined with modern elements and attract tourists from different parts of the world.

When you’ve done walking, experiencing Catalan cuisine is the best option. Whether you choose to try different specialities in a luxury restaurant or to taste the tapas, you will enjoy the cuisine at its best. Besides that, you have the opportunity to buy fresh seafood, fruits and vegetable at one of the most known market foods in the world: the Boqueria Market.

Shopping in Barcelona is always a good idea, because Barcelona is the home of famous fashions designers, such as Custo, Ailanthus, El Delgado Buil, as well as famous marks such as Zara and Mango. Apart from that, Barcelona has many beautiful boutiques, ideal places for fashion lovers.

Barcelona is an ideal place also for those looking for adventure, as it offers plenty of ways of entertainment. You can explore the city by bicycle or you can try more adventurous sports, such as surfing, balloon rides, kite surfing, sailing or kayak. Once you get to Barcelona you’ll see yourself how charming and diverse can be as you will wish stand there as long as possible.

Now you should start planning your journey there and the firstly you should book your airplane tickets. Flying is the quickest way to get to Barcelona, as once you land you will have various options to travel from the airport to the city centre. In order to get there as fast as possible, consider booking a Barcelona airport taxi, although the public means of transport are efficient as well.

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