Travel Advice for Pregnant Women

Ok so pregnancy isn’t the most comfortable time in any woman’s life. There are certain stresses put on the body which can’t be avoided. It doesn’t mean that you can’t live though. In fact getting some time on the beach and relaxing could benefit you. It may be just what the doctor ordered before all those sleepless nights arrive. In fact they don’t have a problem with you travelling while pregnant as long as you use common sense.

Note: Since travelling by car allows the privilege of lots of stops this advice will be based around international travel by plane.


To put it simply make sure that the destination you choose is suitable. There are destinations you want to avoid for certain reasons so do your research. Since the number of destinations are too long to list (also it wouldn’t make for good reading; would it), I will list the reasons to steer clear.

  1. If you have to take any malaria pills. You can’t take them when you are pregnant and even if you could, would you really want to pump your body full of chemicals. Well non-natural ones anyway. In fact top tip! Avoid anywhere that requires you to take any extra medication. Full stop!
  2. Any country that has ever had a water based disease. It is pretty important to keep yourself hydrated when you’re with child. So it becomes even more important when you’re abroad in a hot country. Is it worth taking the risk in a country with unsanitary drinking water? No didn’t think so.
  3. Countries with substandard health care. It is important that you have the reassurance that if something does go wrong then there are always good facilities. It could be the difference from having the experience from hell or being reassure and sent on your way to enjoy the rest of the holiday.As much as it sounds overly cautious it is better to be prepared. Top tip:Take your medical records. You would be foolish not to take them with you.

If you are unsure on any of the above check with your doctor or midwife. That is what they are there for. There are resources online that will give you information about whether countries are safe to travel to or not.Double check, then check again.

But at what stage is it safe to travel.

Well to be honest a large part of that is up to your doctor and the airline. Funnily enough, airlines are pretty health and safety conscious. Pesky people and there lawsuits have made them that way. To be safe make sure that you travel before 28 weeks. Any later than this and the airline may say that you need a doctor’s note. If you’ve got a doctor’s note then there is no need to worry. In fact just get one anyway. Can’t hurt can it?

For your information: 28 weeks is purely precautionary as most airlines will in fact allow you to travel up 37 weeks. Better safe than sorry though.

But what about the discomfort on the plane?

Yes that can be a bit of a problem. Unfortunately you are never going to be 100% comfortable, well not until you have given birth anyway. But there are some things you can do to make it a bit more pleasant.

  • Take a travel pillow or cushion. See what I mean about common sense. But it is the little details that make all the difference. This one is particularly important if you are travelling on low cost carriers as they will not provide one for you.
  • Move about the cabin. Movement when you are pregnant doesn’t come naturally as it once did, so it seems a silly one. But there are so many benefits to it. Stretching those muscles from what can sometimes be cramped seats can really make the difference. It helps get blood circulating around your body and that is never a bad thing.
  • Clothing. Yes you are in public but this is no time to worry about appearances. Wear whatever is the most comfortable and at all cost avoid jeans. Yes even if they are pregnancy jeans, those elastic waistbands aren’t as giving as you may think.

So there are some of the general tip but here is my ultimate tip. Brace yourself. Get travel insurance. Not your basic travel insurance one that covers everything. The most important thing is to make sure that your insurance covers if there is any unforeseen circumstance. That includes before you travel as well. The number that won’t cover you if something goes wrong before is startling. Ask the question and pay the higher premium if you have to. You won’t regret it as much as having to pay £3,000.

So that is most the information that should need to know about travelling while pregnant. Remember that there are hundreds of thousands of people who travel like this every year, so don’t worry. Also enjoy yourself as it is the last one you will go on as a couple for a while.

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