Travel Clothes for Women: Smart Packing Will Keep you Look Good

A lot of women travelers are seen wearing more than 3-inch heels tottering through the security of the airport and slowly wobbling to the gate with their super big bag in tow. But what are you guys thinking? Do you think you look hot with such getup? You may be true but most people would think that you should have worn your sneakers or some flats. Of course, it can be tough to look your best as you travel because it is not possible to bring your complete line of lipsticks and shadows or your entire wardrobe without getting yourself weighed down. However, you can follow some packing tips so you can still feel and look good while traveling.


Pack Just Enough

By being able to pack light, you can save time (a woman in flats with one bag will be faster than a porter with five bags), money (you don’t have to pay for extra baggage fees) and the environment (less fuel wasted when carrying the baggage). Also, the main benefit is that you don’t have to look at the luggage going round at the baggage claim. Packing light will ensure that your stuff will not be broken, stolen or lost or unintentionally picked up by another person.

Travel experts suggest that every person must limit himself to travel clothing that weighs 20 pounds placed in one bag which fit under the seat of the plane. Certainly, weighing the luggage is a good idea. While traveling light means you won’t have a lot to wear, this does not mean you cannot look fashionable.


Pick the Right Travel Clothes

Interchangeability is the key to choosing the right travel clothes to bring. Each top must be matched with every bottom to ensure maximum flexibility. It is best to stick with classic and simple styles with basic color schemes like beige, neutrals, navy and black in the same fabrics. You may not bring dark colors when you will be in a hot environment. For example, you may not like to wear linen pants and a wool sweater so there’s no point including these options into your twenty-pound limit. You don’t have to be a model to feel like a pro in picking right travel clothes. You’re not some of them who are still wanting to know, “is bubblegum casting legitimate” so be responsible in your choices.

There are also some fabrics that can help you travel better than other kinds. You don’t have to bring cotton and linen unless you will have access to iron in your destination. Otherwise, pack travel clothes in synthetic blends which do not wrinkle or stuffs that look good when wrinkled such as crinkle fabrics which are naturally wrinkled. As you may have known, packing your clothes in plastic or rolling them will also minimize wrinkles.

Don’t Forget to Check the Weather

In order to make a better choice of travel clothing, you must check your destination’s weather. It is possible to obtain a ten-day forecast online which is especially useful when the weather of that destination tends to change from time to time. When it’s possible for the weather to fluctuate, it is best to pack clothing which you can wear in layers. Keep in mind that packing the same amount of clothes if you travel either for a month or a week is good as long as you have access to laundry service in your hotel.

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