Travel Insurance Tips for a Round the World Trip

Around the world travel can be exciting. The chance to explore different cultures, try out new adventures, and experience new things will change your life forever. However, it is important that you consider the risks of such travel, and get insurance that will cater for your specific needs.

Is my travel spot covered?

The first thing you need to know is whether where you are going is covered. It is one thing to get “worldwide insurance”, it is yet another to use it. Before you travel, ensure that the countries on your itinerary are covered. You may find that you cannot claim health insurance for a broken leg on a trip to the quiet state of Somaliland simply because of the country isn’t covered. There is a difference between the war torn Somalia and the quiet Somaliland, but your insurance provider won’t recognize it.

Also, if while on travel a travel advisory is issued for a country you are yet to visit is issued, you may be forced to skip it. Otherwise, travel there at your own risk.

Is my travel activity covered?

Another very important consideration that you need to make when travelling is what you are going to do. For those who are volunteering, there is specialized volunteer insurance for you. Volunteer insurance covers the special needs that are associated with such a trip such as increased medical cover, lost baggage, cancelled flights, and more. You can also get insurance that will allow you to volunteer in several countries, a sort of worldwide volunteer cover.

Generally, if you are volunteering in a developing country, then you will fork out more than in a developed country. So if you are not going to a developing country, ensure you get discounts on the cover you are taking.

Getting sporty

If you are planning on being sporty abroad, then you need to include this in your cover. If, for example, you are planning on plying the Himalayas across Nepal, India, and Bhutan, then you will need to have an insurance policy that covers you in these three countries and caters for the risks of mountaineering.

Sports covers are mostly covered separately. Ensure that whatever sport you are playing is covered before. You can find all sorts of sports: from golf to extreme winter sports. For travel insurance for a golfing holiday, your cover will typically handle damage, theft, and loss of your expensive golf clubs, any hired equipment, cancelled green fees, as well as injuries resulting from the activity.

If planning on more extreme sporting activities, then ensure that they are first covered before indulging. These usually have higher premiums, but are well worth the risk in case of any injury. For a winter sport extremist, the package should also include the cost of evacuation and rescue. If you are skiing in an off-piste location, your insurer may refuse to cover you if it was not stipulated in the agreement. Like any insurance agreement, read through the fine print.

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