Travel tips for the reluctant tourist

Despite what most people think, not everybody wants to travel and see the world. Quite a few people would rather have a punishing round of Crossfit workouts than hop on a plane or ship or car for days or weeks away from their comfort zone. It can be frustrating and incomprehensible for those with itchy feet. Here are some tips for the reluctant tourist.

Make sure you book ahead

Nothing will irritate an already reluctant traveling companion than scrambling to find a place to sleep in a strange place. Being tired and hungry will make anyone cranky, especially someone who didn’t want to go in the first place. You should plan your stay ahead of time and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. You can’t control delays at the airport or lost luggage, but you can control availability of a rental car and accommodations.

Keep the itinerary relaxed

Most people like the idea of packing their itinerary with a seemingly endless things to do and see when they travel. For the reluctant tourist, this is akin to having the dentist drill all your teeth in succession. To keep the reluctant tourist happy, give them time to settle down, relax, and imbibe the atmosphere before packing them off to another place. It is a vacation, not a marathon.

Let them decide what they want to do

Traveling is a very personal experience. Some people want to see everything a place has to offer, while others pick one or two. If they don’t want to go and see a ceremonial chicken burial, let them. Don’t nag and put on a pouty face and ruin the whole thing for everyone. Just do your thing and let others do theirs.

Leave them behind

If someone is truly reluctant, it may be better to just accept it and go off on your own. It may seem like blasphemy if it happens to be a spouse or your children, but the fact is people are different. You cannot expect them to enjoy everything you do, and if they hate traveling, bringing them along will only spoil the adventure for you. Think of it as “me” time, and prepare to enjoy yourself to the fullest!

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