Travel Tips: How To Have A Safe And Enjoyable Trip

You must be an adventurous person. You get a high out of traveling solo. However, traveling alone has undergone a sea of change post the emergence of perpetually connected world. You’ll come across endless numbers of publications (both print as well as web) that glorifies the perks associated with solo travel, but then a grass may look greener from the other side. This is because your leisurely trip may turn out to be your life’s worst nightmare in case you fail to take appropriate safety measures.

Tips to travel safe

Here are some of the most affordable yet highly effective safety measures that can keep potential threats out of your way:

I. Inform others about your travel schedule – One of the best ways to travel safe is to keep your acquaintances well informed about all your movements. Apprise them on a regular basis regarding the places you have planned to visit or have already visited. This should include the hotel’s manager or concerned authority where you have put up. While traveling deep inside a forest, follow a definite path and inform the forest range officers or other staffs about the time by which they should expect you to return.

II. Stay connected with your friends – In today’s Internet Age, you can’t expect to stay detached from the world, even if you want to spend some time alone. The age when people used to travel without smartphones or any such electronic devices are gone. This is all the more important for you, if you are going on a solo trip. Moreover, find out whether or not your cell phone has roaming facilities. In case your phone doesn’t have the roaming facility, then you must rent or borrow a mobile that supports roaming service. Mobile gadgets that have satellite navigation facility are excellent for solo travelers like you.

III. Keep your essentials in different places – You need money as soon as you step out of your house. So, you must be very careful with your wallet and all the credit cards. Keep some money in your purse or wallet that will let you to purchase essential things while on the road and set aside the remaining amount in a separate place. You can keep them in your bag’s pocket or pouch. Apart from that, keep a photocopy of your passport in your purse or wallet, if it is an overseas travel and keep the original passport in your hotel locker.

IV. Follow a healthy diet – One of the best ways to have a great traveling experience is to follow a healthy diet. For this you’ll have to sacrifice your crave for fast foods. Consuming them too much might cause digestive disorders and so, you might be forced to abort your trip mid-way through your travel itinerary. Moreover, try to carry some basic medicines and keep yourself well-hydrated. Increase your intake of green vegetables and fruits to keep yourself charged up throughout the day’s travel.

Finally, try to keep a low profile, especially when you are in a foreign land. This will help you to avoid attracting any sort of unwarranted attention towards you and thus, keep yourself as well as your belongings safe.

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