Traveling During Pregnancy: Meeting Its Challenges

The various challenges associated with traveling can multiply several folds when you are pregnant. However, nine months might be too long a time not to take a trip. Since, pregnancy is the time when you are most vulnerable to hazards you should take extra precautions while traveling. But fret not! If you are diligent enough to take these measures before boarding that flight you’re good to beat the traveling blues with ease. Here are some of the valuable tips that you can follow while taking either pleasure or necessity trips.

  • Consult your doctor and get a clearance from him. Ask your Obstetrician/Gynecologist if there is any complication that you must be worried about or not. Clarify if you are required to conduct any test before boarding that flight or not. Enquire of proper vaccinations as well. Please remember that high risk pregnancy does not really allow one to travel.
  • Make a checklist of items that you have to carry. Yes its very important. Checking and cross checking the checklist of the most important stuff that you need to carry, are absolutely essential. Your insurance card, medical records and medicines are the three most important items that should be ticked off first. In case, you are required to consult a doctor in an unknown place, your previous medical records would turn out to be of help. The prenatal chart is another thing that you should carry without fail. Once you are done arranging the medical stuff, make sure you are taking enough snacks as well. They should keep you well nourished from time to time. The lack of fluid absorption can leave you dehydrated and fatigued. So carry sufficient fluids as well.
  • Do not forget to check your insurance as well. Both your travel and health insurance should be checked. Find out if the policies cover pregnancy or not. The country you are planning to visit should acknowledge the terms and conditions of these policies as well. If you find out that your present needs are not adequately covered then obtain another policy fulfilling your needs.

While these are some suggestions that should be followed before boarding the flight, here are some that might be handy during the trip itself. The idea of taking a pleasure trip is exciting but comes with its set of challenges. Beating stress during these times is one of those few challenges. Make sure you are able to beat anxiety with ease.

  • Carry your favorite stuff- books, music anything that soothes you.
  • Beat morning sickness by sniffing lemon, moisturizers or perfumes
  • Acupressure helps you to reduce the nauseating sensation
  • Take power naps
  • Before obtaining your business class flight deals try to find out if airlines provide special arrangements for pregnant women or not. If yes, try to avail services of the airlines providing significant facilities.

It is advisable that you avoid multiple destinations during pregnancy. And yes, if your doctor advices against a trip please do not be too adventurous to take undertake one!

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