Traveling to America Without Physical Money

It seems that everyone wants to come to America. For many people it is just to vacation and tour the states. Others, along with the members of their family, are looking to start a new life. As concerns some of these individuals, the idea of immigrating to America represents a bright opportunity for a better future. Whatever their reason for wanting to visit the states, travel and tourism is a huge part of the American economy.

As a result, it is important for many American companies and businesses to work hard to keep the travel industry strong. This will in turn provide the American economy with an influx of foreign money. In fact, it would perhaps be in the best interests of America to do far more to secure an increase of travel and tourism to the states.

How to Encourage More Economic Growth With Travel and Tourism

One way America could encourage more economic growth in the travel and tourism industry is to start using cryptocurrencies more widely. With new unregulated cryptocurrencies becoming all the rage in the online markets, these currencies are slowly being viewed by many around the world as being more flexable and useful than standard currencies.

Where physical money is easily stolen from foreigners who visit another country, access to cryptocurrencies through mobile devices makes it possible to travel with less money on your person. It also makes it possible to travel without relying on credit cards to get around as well; thus, avoiding the need to rack up debt that must be paid off later. In addition, even though bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, it is by far not the only cryptocurrency available for use in electronic payment transactions.

The beauty behind the use of cryptocurrencies is that they require no need to hassle with physical money exchanges when someone enters a different country. In this respect, this makes it possible for a cryptocurrency like bitcoin to become a standard in its own right, without having to manipulate pre-existent currency markets. Any person traveling to the states would need little more than a mobile device with near field technology built into it to smoothly interact with stores and other service merchants.
Will Travelers Rely on Bitcoin in The Future

Though some American companies accept bitcoin as a legitimate cryptocurrency, currently the jury is still out on making it widely available as a means for electronic transactions by the majority of American businesses. According to an article at, issues surrounding viewing bitcoin as a legitimate currency still exist. Due to how volatile bitcoin tends to be, along with questions of how secure it is as a medium of exchange, this has lead many to have doubts about bit coin becoming a viable currency in the short-term.

As a result, these types of roadblocks tend to make it more difficult for tourists traveling abroad to rely on bitcoin as a basic standard of monetary exchange. However, as security issues with cryptocurrencies become more effectively addressed, this may inevitably change the way people carry out transactions when they travel abroad.

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