Travelling Down Under: A Quick Guide to the Land of the Aussie

Australia is jut far away enough for everybody to seem like a completely different world. If you look at its flora and fauna, you will see that it really looks that way, even when you are there. Therefore, it is just logical to make sure that you visit this great country at least once in your lifetime. Since it is also a really big country, here are the places that you just shouldn’t miss out on if you plan on visiting Australia.

Great Barrier Reef

Being the biggest natural thing that can be seen even from space, the Great Barrier Reef is something that you definitely should not miss out on. If you have never been diving, just find a course and learn the basics, because this out-of-this-world system of different types of corrals takes pride in amazing variety of the underwater wildlife.


The capital of New South Wales is something not to be missed out on. You need to take the tour and the cruise that will take you sightseeing from the water, including the amazing Sydney Opera House. Another awesome thing to see is the National Maritime Museum. However, after these two visits, make sure that you take the time to visit the Rocks which is the oldest part of Sydney.

Ayers Rock

This is an amazing monolith that Aborigines call Uluru and believe it to be a sacred spot. It stands out in the middle of a valley and the best time to see it is in during a sunset, because the change of colors is absolutely breath-taking. Once you experience that, you will understand why the Aborigines believe it to be a sacred place.

Kakadu National Park

This is perfect for the nature lovers as this is the biggest natural reserve in Australia. If you are a bird watcher, then it goes even double, as the whole third of all the birdlife in Australia can be seen here. Also, it is full of wallabies and other interesting species as well. Here, you can also see some interesting Aboriginal art and rock formations.

Health Resorts

Once you are all worn out of all the interesting and exciting city life and from all the wonderful hikes through the natural reserves of Australia, it is time that you have some relaxing time. Australia has god some very successful and famous health resorts and they can be found almost everywhere throughout this country. Pick the best one near you and have some relaxing time to gather all the impressions and think them through before you go on another adventure.

These are just some of the amazing things that Australia has to offer. One reserve, one city, health resorts and two natural wonders make one tiny portion of what Australia offers to its guests. However, if you don’t have the time, it is all just enough for you to take a glimpse of this awesome country and truly unique place.

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