Travelling? Follow some Safety Measures

Traveling alone can be a very emancipating experience which not only recharges your body cells but also sprinkles you with a global exposure. But this experience can turn out to be a nightmare if you forget to stick on to some safety measures. Let’s have a quick look at some of the points which you need to keep in mind while travelling.

1. Keep Someone Informed about your Destination – This is the most important factor one should blindly follow. Wherever you go keep someone informed about your “whereabouts”. Be a friend, relative or a family member. Tell them exactly where you are going, with whom and your entire plan of journey. Pass on the details like hotel name, phone numbers, your alternative reachable mode etc. In case something happens they know where exactly to look for you and this makes both your and their life very simpler.

2. Do a Research – As you’ll be traveling alone, you might be subject to gambits by bluffs and con artists. Conduct a thorough research about everything, including the small details like the average price for a taxi ride from the airport to your hotel. Also be alert on the fact that even the tat drivers and local guides shouldn’t be aware of the fact that you are travelling alone. Make them believe that you have your relatives and friends with whom you are there to meet. Avoid pecking into the travel guide book every now and then so that you don’t get listed as a “tourist”.

3. Carry Multiple Forms of Identification – Even in your worst nightmare you shouldn’t have this experience of losing your passport or I.D card on an exotic location. Since accidents do occur, make sure that you carry with you multiple forms of identification, so that in case of need you can prove your identity. And of course, don’t keep all of these  in your wallet or purse. In case it gets stolen, then you are completely lost!

4.Carry both Cash & Card – While you are travelling inside or outside your country always ensure that you have more than one payment options. Many places do not accept cash these days, wherein you need to pay in card. Whereas if you want have a candy you won’t be paying in card. Therefore its always wise to carry both and never keep them at one place. In case one is lost or misplaced you have the other one to sustain you.

5. Trust Your Intuition – You walked down a dark street, trusted the wrong person, got drunk amongst strangers—can lead you to  a whole heap of trouble if you aren’t too familiar with the people, your surroundings, culture and the environment. In a nut-shell if something seems to be dubious trust your instincts. Beware of your surroundings— if you notice the same person around you repeatedly, immediately move to a public area and alert the concerned authorities.

These are some of the basic tips which can always be handy for our long exotic sojourns!

Author’s Bio: Alisa Martin has been writing on finance and related topics for over a couple of years now. Her articles are a good source of information for the readers. She also possesses a great deal of knowledge on the ways to find Online International Payments . Follow her posts for more details on such topics.

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