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For people who love to travel, nothing can equal their addiction to the sounds and smells of a new town. For a novice though, it may not take too long for a dream vacation to turn into a nightmare. Scams and frauds with the tourists are not unheard of. No matter how careful you have been both your belongings and otherwise, these scamsters can find a way to dupe you and you can be stranded in a foreign land, penniless. This is one of the ugliest situations one can land in. Following are some of the most popular scams with tourists.

It is normal for anyone to panic a little when they see a cop approaching even if they’ve not stepped a toe out of line. If a similar thing happens with you, don’t lose your cool. It is important to remain vigilant as a number of times the police that demands to see your papers and forcefully finds something wrong, will insist you to pay a fine in cash to them. Always demand for a written, formal complaint in the police station. The fake police will dwindle immediately.

Another very popular way you could lose your dollars faster than you anticipated is by being talked into gems and carpet sellers. Until you are a gemstone expert and can know a piece of rock from a semi-precious stone just by looking at it, it is highly likely that you may be tricked into buying duplicate stuff. The difficult part is to get rid of these highly accomplished salesmen. They will do every possible thing to trick you to buy something or other. You just have to remain firm and say a no. A genuine dealer will not bargain beyond a limit and will readily provide you with a bill and a certificate of genuineness too, if possible.

As you land after a tedious flight, the first though is to crash in the comfortable hotel bed and then gear up for the day’s adventure. In this hurry, you might get into a taxi that can cost you dearly. While at the airport, take only a registered taxi. Before getting to the town, get an idea about the route of the hotel from the taxi. The taxi driver may take you along a longer route to raise the fare. It is even better to fix the charge before getting into the taxi. Always make sure that you pay the money only you’ve got down at the desired place.

You need to understand that in many countries, the taxi drivers, the hotel managers and some local pawns work in perfect synchronization to con tourists. You may hear from a man in the bus that the hotel you’re talking about is closed down. The taxi driver may say he same and can even ‘suggest’ you a better option, maybe even a furnished apartment on rent. Always insist to see it for yourself. The ‘suggested’ option is always where the taxi driver earns his commission. This may not exactly be a fraud but is quite annoying.

The prospect of exploring a city on two wheels and in open air is deliciously inviting. Hiring a bike however may be a tricky deal. Always take a photo of the bike at the time of hire or later you can be charged of made up faults in the bike. Another way to harass the tourist is the planned theft of the bike. The hire company always has a key to the bike and while you are busy shopping, anyone can come and ‘steal’ the bike. You are then forced to pay an exorbitant amount as they have your passport as security. Here, you can always add an additional lock on the bike.

You are standing in an open area, absorbing the beautiful view of the city. Suddenly a bird shits on you or a passer-by spills soda or mustard on you. Before you can realise what’s going on, a seemingly gentleman comes and helps you clean- only a minutes later you realize that you’re also cleaned of your valuables. If something of the sort happens, just don’t let a stranger near you.

These cons are there in every country, in every city. You just need to be vigilant, be able to keep your cool under slightly panicky situations and have the basic common sense!


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