Visit, Explore And Marvel: The Top 6 Of Florida’s Greatest Sites

Tourists all over the world hear about Florida and marvel at the imagination, even before they see the sites. So famous are the sites and the attractions that Americans themselves (local tourists) give growth to the tourist sectorand contributed highly to the state’s GDP. Florida is densely populated, but the transport and communications, infrastructure and economic empowerment of the state allow for continued population growth; a factor that makes it quite comfortable for tourists to stay.

Here are the top 6 of what Florida has to offer:

The Kennedy Space Center

Being the launch dock for all space explorations in the country, this center has attracted a great number of tourists, especially when a launch is just about to take place. In addition, the complex has a museum that you will want to visit, featuring the movies, shuttle portraits and a rocket garden for one to explore. When launch happens, visitors are allowed to have passes for up-close views. However, this has to happen a radius of 4 miles away from the actual launch point for safety reasons.

Walt Disney

If you do not know about this place, you do not know America. This theme park hosts one of the greatest tourist sites in and around America. The world pays tribute to Walt by having it being the most visited theme park in the planet. It features a famous movie’s studio, Magic Kingdom, Animal kingdom and some of the best entertainment for the whole family. No one can have enough to speak about Disneyland.

Key West

If you have Disneyland in Florida, you can never lack a town boasting of resorts and facilities that are nothing but breathtaking. Key West began as a prosperous city back in the days, with most of its wealth acquired through the remains of shipwrecks. Today, no such unfortunateincidents happen, but the hordes of tourists constantly visiting the area give the island the beauty it has today. Heavy investment has been done in making hotels and resorts, and the few who own private homes here literally ‘live in heaven’.


As the name suggests, the huge mass of water being referred to constantly glades across the plateau of Florida. From Lake Okeechobee, this river seems to move grass from one side of Florida to another in an interesting fashion. The fascinating ecosystem here is a combination of the subtropical wilderness and dry land that is favorable for alligators, dolphins, bald eagles and manatees.

South Beach

What is holiday without visiting the beach? South Beach was once prowling with crime in the 80’s. Today, the story has changed, and the once dangerous neighborhood has become a hub for the fashion professionals. It is the most visited and most famous area in the Miami Beach and is in great competition with Disneyland when it comes to tourist attraction.

The Florida Keys

The 120-mile long island is a breathtaking site to behold from afar. However, it will interest you to know that apart from the island’s ability to attract tourists; its connection to the mainland through the bridges becomes yet another reason for visitors to be attracted to this place. Many movies have been staged on this bridge.

Florida is nothing but beautiful. Take some time during one of your holidays and have a tour of the wonderful place.

Author bio:

Mwangi, a tour guide and an explorer has realized that there are a few places in the world that stand out, Florida being one of them. Being an expert in this field, he writes a lot about attractions in Florida and makes publications in many forums.

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