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Ways To Travel And Give Back To The Country

Ways To Travel And Give Back To The Country

It’s as simple as volunteering. It doesn’t matter where you travel there is always an organisation looking for volunteers. If you want your holiday to focus around giving back to communities, you’ve come to the right place. This article lists some great suggestions on how you can travel and give back to the community. You might be surprised where you end up but you’ll never want your journey to end.

Outreach programs

Many hotels and resorts have outreach programs that allow guests to volunteer. This choice will allow you to be more flexible when it comes to choosing a destination to travel to. You’ll just need to conduct some research into which hotels offer this and what is required of you. Do the research yourself or contact your Travel Associates.


Volontours work around a short-term period. They are organised around the sole purpose of volunteering. They understand that you might not want to spend your only vacation time working, this may not leave you feeling refreshed when you have to return to the grind.


There are people living below the poverty line in every country. They aren’t able to afford a roof over their head or a meal. There are many religious institutions such as churches, synagogues, mosques and temples that want to improve their surrounding community. They are usually pit stops on your sightseeing tour but why not stay a little longer? They operate soup kitchens or have connections to one. Spend a few hours helping someone less fortunate than you.


Bring much needed supplies, stationery and books for school children. By making some space in your luggage you could really help a small initiative out. They are non-profit and attempting to make a different. You can choose to bring them with you or purchase them there, it’s up to you!


There are so many forgotten children out there that don’t have a place to call home and no one to call mum or dad. Many orphanages are understaffed and underfunded. The children crave attention but sadly the staff cannot always indulge them. Give up one day to go volunteer at a nearby orphanage. Play with the children, read them stories and give them some much needed attention. Don’t go in with nothing, have a resume or pre-pare a date and time with the staff in the orphanage. They may be weary of stranger and rightly so.
Volunteering on holiday is one of the greatest things you can do. We all say we would like to give up our time for a worthwhile cause but lack the time, this is the perfect opportunity.

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