What Facilities and Amenities You Should Look for in a Hotel

Any traveler has specific wants and needs, and they usually depend on the purpose of their travel. There are ‘general’ facilities and amenities that most everyone expects in whichever hotel they are staying in, and there are also specific facilities that depend on the type of traveler one is. If you are traveling for business, you would probably want a business centre or conferencing facilities and meeting rooms. For those traveling as a family, they would usually want a hotel that can help them entertain their children – one with kids’ playrooms, for instance.

So the first step in choosing a good hotel is to determine your reason for travel. Once you have outlined what you expect, then it should be easier for you to make the right decision in choosing your accommodation, because not all hotels offer all the facilities and amenities you may expect.

Facilities and amenities to look for:

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Free WiFi

In today’s modern world where everyone is connected virtually 24/7, it has become a priority for travelers to opt for a hotel which can give them wireless Internet access. The ideal situation would be free WiFi, and the good news is that many hotels offer this. Only settle for a hotel which offers pay-as-you-go WiFi if you have no other choice, as free WiFi has definitely become a standard in this day and age.

Facilities for recreation and entertainment

Recreational and entertainment facilities are not only for leisure travelers – even business travelers have the need to unwind after a long and tiring day, after all (in fact, they may need it more). So it is always a good idea to check the hotel’s recreational and entertainment options, such as swimming pools, a spa and sauna, massage services, a gym, maybe even a games room or two. For those who have children, it would be wise to look for a hotel which can give your kids a chance to play – a play room or playground would be a good idea.

Of course, it’s also standard to have a television in every room. Guests want to be able to watch television in the comfort and privacy of their rooms, and if you are especially selective, you can ask the hotel whether they offer pay-per-view films and TV shows as well.

A restaurant and mini-bar

A good hotel would have at least one restaurant which is located within the premises. This restaurant should especially be open for breakfast, as both business and leisure travelers expect to have a nice, satisfying breakfast before they step out for the day. An in-room dining service until late at night is also welcome, especially if you are a business traveler who will be out for most of the day. A mini-bar is also a requirement for most of us, not just for sudden snack cravings, but also to keep drinks and other food items cold and fresh.

There are indeed other facilities and amenities to consider, as a travel and booking specialist like Tsogo Sun agrees – these would be housekeeping services, wake-up services, and, for business guests, a business centre and meeting rooms with multimedia gadgets. But at the end of the day, you have to know what you want. This way, you can choose a hotel wisely and make a decision you will not regret.


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