Why Punjab is too Famous in India?

The smiling soul of India, Punjab is best known for superb yet exciting things comprising picturesque beauty, scrumptious food, overwhelming language and the ever full-of-life Punjabi people! With its productive farming soil, Punjab is one of India’s most flourishing states. Home of Bhangra, music and the brotherhood of the religions, it has idiosyncratic and energetic traditions. At one side, the capital city Chandigarh is represented as modern day planned city, while on the other side, the villages memorize the good old days of the culture.

Supplemented with a different blend of rural and urban flavors, Punjab has a lot to offer to a visitor eye. The place has an exclusive spiritual legacy with a host of spots, the major and the most famous being The Golden Temple at Amritsar. Every year, numbers of tourists from around the globe come to the holy shrine. The dome of Golden Temple is covered with pure gold, which offers an eye catching view as its reflection falls in the holy waters of the sarovar. There are several gurudwaras worth visiting. Sri Anandpur Sahib, Damdama Sahib, Goindwal Sahib and Golden Temple are some of them.

(Golden Temple)

Punjab is an incredible tourist destination. It attracts huge crowd every year. All the cities in Punjab outrank an impressive showcase of compound history, awe-inspiring beauty, religion and thrilling hospitality. It is spread with lavish historic sites, great architectural marvels related to the Sikh religion and many different heartening clash grounds. Indeed, Punjab is termed as one of the most desirable and beautiful places to stay in the country.  The bountiful greenery, innumerable industrial units, relaxing climate and five rivers of the state give the tourists a lot to seek the pleasure in the state. Also, various forts and palaces in the state boost the city-view significantly!

The people of Punjab believe in leading a king-sized life! The extending of warm and cozy hospitality to every person (whether known or unknown!) is one of the invigorating features among Punjabis.  Punjabis are full-of-life and celebrate each day of their life with full-on enthusiasm! Happy-go-lucky Punjabis are carefree yet humble in their language.  They are sincere devotees of Sikhism and inculcate the preaching’s of the religion in their day to day life.

Talking about Punjabi language and songs, it is an extreme hit doubtlessly. Punjabi songs are making rounds all over the Bollywood and web now-a-days… all thanks to Yo Yo Honey Singh!! (Pun intended) Punjabis are true lovers of music, dance, fun and festivals. They don’t need an excuse or a reason to shake their leg. Bhangra for guys and Giddha for girls are the famous forms of dances in the state.

(Punjabi Guys in Traditional Punjabi Dress)

(Punjabi Girls in Traditional Dress)

Last but never the least would be the rich culture of Punjab with an impeccable hint of  Punjabi food! Such an exciting blend leaves everyone wanting for more and more.

Colorful culture signifies the openness and dignity of bygone olden traditions of Punjab state marvelously.  Punjab has preserved the past pretty well and even conserving for the generation to come. It has kept all the artwork, craft or handicrafts intact with time. The affluent culture depicts the religious and social values. Both the modernity and the innocence of the state tempt thousands of tourists all around the globe.

The land of Punjab is also portrayed as the land of Gurus and the warriors, as a matter of trust believes in receiving truthful living through hard labor and in distribution the result of this labor with others, without hoping anything in return.

All the way down the visits, the food constitutes an imperative aspect and Punjab aces it! Considered as the bread basket of the nation, people here are the die-hard fans of food and spices.  It serves as a heaven for food lovers hailing from any part of the world. The yummy cuisine serves as a spicy treat for tourists. Celebrated resorts and restaurants are there in every city that serves the best food with a glint of Punjabi traditions.

Haveli Heritage, located in Jalandhar city, is a typical Punjabi-style restaurant what offer a wide variety of highly delectable dishes to the customers making their visit a memorable one!

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