Why You Should Visit Local Parks

Whether they are local to your home, or local to the place you are vacationing, there are many great reasons to visit local parks. Parks offer many great things to the people that spend time at that. And, while not all parks are created equal, you know that there is something to do no matter how big or small the park is.

Parks offer heritage, they offer wildlife and nature, and they offer a chance to get outside and learn about so many amazing things. There are hundreds of parks all over the world, so it makes sense that they should be a part of your vacation plans.

Learn And View Nature

One of the biggest reasons you should be visiting local parks, no matter where you are, is that it allows you a chance to get back to nature. It’s a proven fact that being outdoors can help relieve stress and depression. It also helps children develop their fine motor skills and more to get outside and learn and play.

Many people use their local parks and recreation areas for hunting and fishing, which can be fun and educational as well. Both are great ways to get food, and it can be fun to teach children how to fish and how the food chain works.  You might even be able to rent a boat or canoe if you are at a park with a small lake.

Walking through the trails at a local park allow for more than just wildlife viewing and time in nature. Use the walk to teach children about different animals, plants, and trees. Take a nature book with you for the area you are in and learn yourself if you don’t know much about trees or plants in the wild.

Great Place For Fitness

While you are walking the trails you’ll also find that you are getting a good deal of exercise. Many parks even allow bicycles on their trails, so there are numerous ways to get fit. Walk, bike, jog, or run, you can even find hills and rough terrain for extra resistance.

If you are visiting a park with a swimming area, or even one that rents canoes, these can also be great ways to get a little more, creative, exercise added into your life, while enjoying some time in the great outdoors.

During the winter find out if your park keeps their trails open for cross country skiers and you can pick up a new hobby that will give you a full body workout.

Plan your next vacation, or staycation, around a park and take some time to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Just 15 minutes in the sunshine each day can naturally boost your vitamin D levels, and your mood!

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