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Been to a new place, learnt some new language there or been to the oldest tower in anew city. Want to share your travel experiences with people? Want a space to fill up with your travel write ups? Here is your very own online podium where you can share all that you have ever known about travelling. We, at www.travelbuzzpro.com would love to read your experiences.

Write all of it and let us be your audience. You can also share the events that you went to, that are well known and well sought after.

Let us make it a little simpler for you. Here are some helpful guidelines for all our guest bloggers: [checklist]

  • The word limit of each post should be at least 750 words.
  • The content should be unique, original and error free. Any copied article will not be accepted under any circumstances and make sure your articles are interesting and have good short paragraphs with subheadings. Catchy titles and interesting pictures in JPG or GIF format and even videos are always appreciated.
  • Every post will be reviewed by our team of editors before they are published, ensuring high quality content goes on the site.
  • We want you to express your travel tips, guides, stories and Q&A Interviews. We are ready to cover any kind of travel story if you are game to share it with other travelers. It need not just be a normal travel it could well be an academic travel or maybe a fashion travel or a travel to see the world’s biggest event.
  • We allow 2 backlinks to author website. This is a basic symbiotic relationship where we get the benefit of your brilliant write ups and experiences and you get the benefit of advertising your blog and getting it popular amongst people.
  • Every post would have a twitter, Facebook and Google plus link. People can share it via social media and like it to allow your posts, gain popularity.[/checklist]

So, just unwind yourself, take some time off, gather your thoughts and your experiences and just compose original travel content for the web world.

Send your article at rcgitsolutions@gmail.com, it may take 2 days to published an article.


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