Brooklyn: Things to know before you travel

Brooklyn, the sprawling city in situated on the banks of the East River, beams with energy and lively atmosphere. In the period of development, Brooklyn was one of those cities that picked up pace with the fast changing scenario of the country. Of course the Hipster’s culture has been influentialand that contributed lot to Brooklyn’s embracing modernism. All this makes Brooklyn the city it is today with impressions of the past left on indelibly on today’s culture. Today Brooklyn is the hub of music, entertainment, literature and all that Jazz.

Brooklyn is a major temptation on the tourism map of USA. Tourists visiting from various parts of the world make sure they visit this city mainly for the splendid Brooklyn Bridge. In fact there are so many attractions in and around the city, that a well-planned itinerary will be beneficial for spending a great time in Brooklyn with friends and family. Here are few things you should know in advance about the place so that you have a good itinerary planned.

The Events Calendar in Brooklyn:From street festivals to musicals, Brooklynites have a happening life all the year round. When you visit, make sure you are well informed about the events on the Brooklyn calendar to participate, enjoy and let loose. Besides, there are events with celebrity attendance. Be informed in advance to make sure you don’t miss the event. Exhibitions and art festivals provide online accessibility.

  1. Greenpoint Gallery Night:Greenpoint Gallery night takes place in the month of March every year. 67 West Street, which houses many small galleries, including the Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Calico, and Fowler Project Space presents beautiful artifacts with entries coming from the local artists and also outsiders. Sometime it happens twice a year. Usually the gallery show is held on Friday.
  2. Park Slop house tour: It takes place in the month of May every year where the tourists can take a ticketed paid tour across the place watching private houses and historical monuments. There are brochures with the details of the participating houses. This tour is entertaining tourists for the last 60 years. It begins at Poly Prep Lower School,50 Prospect Park West, at 1st St., Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York.
  3. Afropunck Fest:It is an annual multicultural festival that brings many musicians and artists from the across the country. Natives in Brooklyn look forward to this festival every year. It takes place near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, at the far north end of Fort Greene. Street food is at its best. Tourists and natives enjoy the music with pop stars and celebrities attending the festival. Street markets are at boom around this time. It takes place at Commodore Barry Park, Flushing Ave. at Navy St., Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York
  4. Bastille Day: On the second Saturday of July, Brooklynites celebrate the French equivalent of Bastille Day. All shops are closed down and people celebrate on the streets partying hard as it is done in France. Restaurants in the area set up booths and have temporary petanque. This takes place at Bar Tabac.Smith St., Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, New York, . .
  5. Christmas Bazaars: You can buy incredible range of Christmas items from the street markets that crowd up every year starting from November extending up till Christmas. Christmas items can be bought cheap yet high in quality. This street festival adds to the spirits of the natives and tourists in the season.
  6. Events related to books and arts: Brooklyn is home for many art and literature aficionados. Every year there are exhibitions and discount offers at various big stores for both books and artifacts. Dumbo’s Gallery store, Franklyn Park store and Pete Candy stores are examples.

What Brooklyn offers in accommodation?The city of Brooklyn, flooded by tourists and business travelers from all over the world, has a host of luxurious hotels with high class hospitality services and amenities. Choose the best in the city that offers amenities in terms of comfortable lodging, excellent dinning and recreational centers, presence of nature and healthy food. There are hotels like the Condor Hotel, located in the center of Brooklyn which are well connected to the transport system and all main attractions of the city. Choose your accommodation wisely whether it is a short or long trip. Here are few tips to help you to choose the best one:

  1. Does the location of the hotel make the attractions of the city easily accessible?
  2. Is the amenities offered well deserving of the price?
  3. What do the reviews say on the internet about the hotel?
  4. The food tastes good but is it healthy too?

Brooklyn hotels have always received good reviews from tourist as they cater well to the requirements and luxuries. Both for family lodging and business conferences they are well equipped with top class facilities and serene ambience to make the guests feel at home. Williamsburg has elite hotels, with plush gardens, efficient staff and update to date amenities, to make your stay at Brooklyn a memorable experience.


What Brooklyn offers for Kids: If you are travelling with kids, it is most important to please them so that all your plans will work out fine. Brooklyn has a number of parks, zoos and amusement parks that is specially made keeping children in mind. Plenty of amenities and adventures are in store here to keep the little brats engaged. Check out the following top spots for children.

  1. Brooklyn Children’s Museum: This museum has been made to attract children undereight years. There is wide range of science and historical specimens and a number of activities to learn and enjoy. This museum is open all the year round. There are features including water and geographical adventures. There are role play sections where children pretend as stock brokers, doctors, teachers etc. Kids enjoy this museum more than any other place in the city.
  2. New York Aquarium: This is another place that children of all age group enjoy equally. They love to see the aquatic animals of various kinds from fishes to octopuses. There are seals, otters and penguins also to delight the kids as well as adults. There is an exemplary range of species on display here. This aquarium is worth one whole day visit with your family.
  3. Prospect zoo and Park: One amongst the “must visits” in Brooklyn, this wonderful park that ranks amongst America’s most loved parks. This sprawling park has a lake in its vicinity which adds to its natural beauty and serenity. Prospect Park also has a zoo in its premise that is home to a splendid variety of animals and birds.
  4. New York Transit Museum: Amongst the many museums that New York is home to, this is another one that your kids will enjoy exploring. There are replicas of trains, transport systems and vintage cars.
  5. Shopping stores: There are plenty of options to buy toys and clothes for your young ones. Brooklyn blooms with shopping avenues and shops exclusively for toys, clothes and books. There are stores your young ones will enjoy indulging in. You can explore your taste at Area Kids, Norman and Jules, Barns and Nobles to name a few.
  6. Play Ground and Amusement parks: In every nook and corner of Brooklyn you will find something for kids. But make sure you don’t waste time at just anything since there are many good amusement parks and play centers just for the little ones. Coney Island offers lively atmosphere for your child to take the roller coaster ride, to enjoy the giant wheel and many more fun filled activities to fill up the trip. Besides there are amusement parks at Janes Carousel, Carousel at Prospect Park, Cyclone and Wonder Wheel in the vicinity of few km.

How to please your palate in Brooklyn:

Brooklyn has one of the widest ranges of food and drinks in the USA. In and around the city you will get the most scrumptious varieties of Pizzas, beer, cocktails, coffee and sweets. Pizzas are in awesome variety with thin crusted ones with Maple syrup and berries. Try Brussels sprouts and many others that are exclusive to this place.

There are varieties of coffee as old as Brooklyn itself. There are local roasts as well as varieties from across the country that is evidence that coffee is hugely in demand here. For lovers of sweets, there is plenty in the bakery section with mouthwateringhibiscus-glazed doughnut, a slice of chocolate julep pie, or a scoop of Ooey Gooey Battercake ice cream. There is a jaw dropping range of chocolates too.

Hit the right restaurant and indulge in cuisine from across the world. There are mouth licking Mexican delicacies and scrumptious Chinese meals to begin with. Don’t forget to taste the exclusive South American specialties. Vietnamese, Czech Republican, Middle Eastern and Spanish are only few amongst the many cuisine to taste in the grand hotels here.

Make sure to check the reviews on the net before you plunge in at any place. We hope this article gives you plenty to plan your itinerary in Brooklyn.

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