Southern European Holidays in Sunny Malta

The island of Malta is a small independent state located in the Mediterranean of Southern Europe. It is known for being directly below Sicily, Italy. Malta is just one of the three islands that make up the small island nation. Other island destinations include Gozo and Comino. If you are searching for a beautiful spot to visit in the Mediterranean, Malta is an excellent choice. This island is the largest of the three and is more developed, offering tourists plenty to see and do during their travels. One of the most popular tourist spots that you will find in Malta is the Blue Lagoon. Whether you’re searching for a peaceful beach getaway or somewhere with vast historical sites to see, you’ll find it all and so much more in Malta.

The Weather in Malta
Malta is known for having a Subtropical-Mediterranean climate with very mild winters and ideally warm summers. While summer is typically a dry season, it is one of the best times to visit. However, if you are looking to get away from the cold of back home, winter provides visitors with average temperatures of around 61 °F. During the summer months, you can expect a temperature of about a 75 °F average. The summer season typically lasts for around 8 months, starting in mid-April.

Top Attractions in Malta
When visiting Malta on holiday, one of the top must-see attractions is none other than the famous Blue Lagoon. Here you can enjoy beautiful blue waters with a number of different sea caverns that give you plenty to explore throughout the day. Scuba diving, rock climbing and snorkelling are just a few of the most popular activities that you can enjoy around the Blue Lagoon.

Another top attraction within Malta are the Megalithic Temples of Malta. These prehistoric monuments date back between 5000 BC and 700 BC. As one of the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this is one spot that you wont want to miss. In addition, don’t forget to stop by the Valletta Waterfront, a baroque wharf that was built during the 18th century.

Value for the Money
While Malta can be a pricey holiday destination to visit, it is well worth the money that you will spend. Those who are looking for a laid-back vacation destination complete with dining, shopping, beaches and historic sites will get real value for the money that they spend on their getaway.

Malta provides visitors with much more to see and do each day. While it may not be a place that you would opt to take the children, it is the perfect retreat for couples and singles. Some other attractions that you may choose to visit during your stay include Comino, Manoel Theatre and Fort St Angelo.

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